Class Description & Details

Class begins with your host, Bunny, doing a quick roll call and payment collection for those who pay in cash. She will then lead the group on a short, toddler paced nature walk where we “See what we can see!” During this time please encourage your child to explore by touching safe plants, lifting rocks and getting dirty; or muddy on wet days! This is encouraged!  Bunny will walk around and introduce herself to each child at their eye level and spend a minute guiding them in exploration. She will guide the group through a number of short activities such as finding rocks, pinecones, something red, brown, soft, rough, and the like.

After the walk everyone will join together in a flat, usually grassy area where Bunny sets up class. Here children are encouraged to sit in “Our circle in the sun!” Which will look like the children sitting in front of bunny in a semi-circle like shape on the “special rug” (canvas tarp). Grown-ups are welcome to participate during class or may take a few big steps back to enjoy quiet adult chatter and socialization amongst themselves while the children are occupied in dance, song, or simply just watching! 

For the shy or especially young children; grown-ups are welcome to sit with their child on the canvas’ edge- so to not block any littles from seeing Bunny! 

Note: Grown-ups may not leave children in class and will remain responsible for their children for the entire class.

Please be advised that class IS face-friendly; for children, being able to focus on facial expressions and facial movement is highly important when developing mirror neurons and ultimately speech and language skills. That’s why it is important that they see their grown-ups face as well as Bunny’s when in class! 

For those who would like to wear a face covering and/or participate at a distance; no problem! Many Grown-ups choose to wear a face covering and some have their children wear them as well. 

Want space to distance? Remember this class is outside! Plenty of space for everyone! Please bring your own 

blanket to sit on. Class is still so much fun even at a distance!

However, If a child must sit far away it is suggested that the grown-up opt out of chatter time and instead sing, dance, and guide the child through every song, fingerplay, and story. This way the child gets a similar experience as the children close to the Teacher! 


All are welcome at Fun in The Sun, Music and Movement Class! 

During class expect children to be occupied by song, dance, marching, props such as shakey eggs, scarves, instruments and more! 

As always don’t forget about Bubbles and Parachute time! 

Cancellation policy: 

In the event that the class is cancelled due to weather or emergency- a rain date will be offered or your class credit may be used at any weekly class offered during that seasons session. 

If you pay for a class but can not attend you may use your credit for any other Weekly class with space available in that season session. 

Cleanliness: All instruments and props are cleaned with a non toxic, mouth safe solution as needed. 

Clothing: Please dress your littles for the weather. Rain boots and rain pants,jackets and hats are encouraged to keep children from getting cold and wet. Making it uncomfortable and difficult to enjoy class. For suggestions on rain/mud gear feel free to send an email and Bunny will be happy to reccomend her favorite pieces!

Thank you so much for reading thoroughly, if you have any questions please do ask! 

See you in our Circle in the Sun!